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How to Choose the Perfect Barber

Tips everyone needs when choosing a new barber


  1. How to pick your barber?

Look on social media (, barbershop locator,, Instagram, Facebook, etc.): Check reviews. Look for common complaints; ask people you know for a barber recommendation.


  2. My hair is dry and flaky which can be embarrassing any advice on how to keep flakes under control?

Use H2O.Yes, water.Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body regularly.


  3. Can you help me with my hair loss?

Ask your barber if they offer hair and scalp treatments quarterly or as needed.


  4. What’s the most requested hairstyle you get?

Bald fades, taper fades, Caesar cut, razor and hot towel shave.


  5. How do I help my facial hair grow healthier and fuller?

Invest in a quality facial groomer, to maintain your facial hair and promote new growth. Castor oil is a great conditioning treatment promoting hair growth, and will keep your beard moving in the right direction.


  6. What is the best way to ask your barber for a particular hair cut?

When you first sit down, let your barber know what kind of general look you are trying to achieve. Provide a photo reference if you have one to give your barber a visual of the look you desire.


  7. What do you recommend looking for when visiting a new barbershop?

Look at the cleanliness of the barber shop.Take notice of the barber whose confidence stands out in his pose, conversation, and skills. You want a professional who is also confident in his ability to talk to you about what works best for you. You want a


  8. What should my barber do when I first sit in the chair?

Ask the right questions. Harold says,“A good barber will ask the following questions: “What do you like about your hair?” “What would you like to work on?” “Do you want to change your style?”During the haircut, a good barber will stop and ask you for feedback.


  9. How do I know if the barber can cut?

Ask your barber how long he’s has been cutting and view his work. Start small. Figure out if the barber is adequate for you by having him clean up your hairline around your ear and neck. You can always have him work on your son’s head to get a visual in action.


  10. Should I be looking for a Barber’s license?

Yes! This establishes the barber as a professional who has been trained on how to use the proper clippers, sanitation and customer service.




Why Harold is America’s Top Barber of Choice

“Harold delivers celebrity service without the celebrity price.”


Harold has a proven track record of his skill-set with more than 20 years of industry experience, and a passion for going above and beyond the call of service. Harold has been established as a pre-eminent celebrity barber, traveling barbering specialist and respected industry leader.


Harold’s work has been featured on the Bravo television network and in numerous magazines, including Upscale, Ebony, and In-House. Harold remains highly visible on social media. His specialties include a courtesy hair analysis. Harold’s highly requested service is the hot towel shave that relaxes and opens the pores to soften hair follicles to receive a relaxed shave, his signature razor cut, and techniques he utilizes to build a healthy scalp.


Harold is in the business of establishing new trends for men personally and professionally. Harold’s motto is, “I would rather take less off than more” Through the years Harold has had the privilege of servicing thousands of men, therefore obtaining a clear insight into the number one concern for his clients – causing them to walk out with a haircut better than they visualized.


Harold’s customer service skills are a cut above the rest.

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