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Why Harold The Barber’s Hot Towel Shaves are Famous “The Hot Peppermint Towel that Stops Razor Bumps

Razor Bumps. When a new client sit in my chair, during the initial consultation and state, “can you get rid of these razor bumps” I become excited.

I think every man on earth agrees there’s nothing worse than a face and neck full of them.

But, thankfully…there’s ways to get rid of skin problems while allowing you to breathe easier, which has been proven to be very effective.

When’s the last time you had a hot towel shave? Let me tell you…it’s what you need in your life.

Here’s why:

I use a special kind of technique to kill two birds with a single stone. It’s a therapeutic procedure which involves the use of hot peppermint towel in clearing the nostrils and making breathing easier.

A touch of peppermint oil (which contains menthol) to a warm towel, places most clients in a dream like state.

The heat from the towel is made warm by immersing it in hot water, making the eyelids heavy.

My clients beard becomes soft, to get a closer shave and also open the pores and make the face free of bumps.

The hot towel and peppermint helps to also reduce irritation of the skin.

I ensure the towel is not scalding hot, but warm. The entire beard area is covered, mustache, and at the neck area.

The whole process involved in this treatment is very relaxing and therapeutic.

In Austin, Texas, Many suffer from sinuses without even realizing the remedy is close to their door step.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • IT REMOVES RAZOR BUMPS! Putting a hot towel on your face and shaving removes 4 layers of dead skin, taking razor bumps and in-grown hairs with it.

  • Gives you the closer shave you want. Some of us can never get close enough to have the shave we desire. A hot towel shave from a professional barber trains your skin so you can get that close shave. It also make your face resistant to razor burn and future bumps.

  • Makes your face look healthier and skin look better.

I mean, the list goes on.

Plus, it’s just relaxing!

So do yourself a favor.

Call (972)514-7767 and set your appointment, get a hot towel shave now.

It’s more than just an experience with Harold The Barber.

You’ll thank yourself for it.

That special someone probably will too!

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